This page describes the human handover functionality within Twilio calls.

In addition to receiving calls from Twilio within Cognigy.AI, you can also forward a call to a human agent. Therefore, you can provide human handover within Twilio calls.

Cognigy.AI will use the Say node to inform the user about the following handover. Afterward, Cognigy.AI automatically calls a specified phone number.

For this, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Set up a Flow that the call will connect to

First you need to set up a Flow and Twilio Voice Endpoint in Cognigy and connect them to a Twilio number as per Deploy a Twilio Voice Endpoint.

2. Define the Handover in a Say node

In order to provide the handover, you have to use the Twilio channel tab in the Say node and insert the following payload:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Say voice="Polly.Hans">Sure. I will forward you to Mrs. Williams.</Say>

Please note, that you have to replace the inner <Say> and <Dial> information. The Dial configuration is the phone number, which will be called. In this case, the number of a human agent.



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  • Hello, I did as described and it doesn't work. I have a flow in Cognigy and a Twilio endpoint, the endpoint URL is assigned to a Twilio phone number. I added the Say node in my flow, added the Twilio channel there and specified the payload with another phone number. When I chat with the bot, the information from the payload is shown in the chat, and the flow goes on. When I call the bot, this node is just ignored, the bot proceed with the next nodes from the flow. It doesn't make the next call. I'd like to use this call so that I can switch the flow and the STT/TTS locale using another endpoint from the second flow. Could someone please help? Thanks!


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