Let your Virtual Agent listen to particular terms to improve its Intent recognition

A Lexicon enables the Virtual Agent to recognize a variety of possible expressions. Learn more about Lexicons in the developer documentation.

#1 Create a Lexicon

Select "Lexicons" from the Sidebar, create a new Lexicon, name it e.g. "Support Issues", and save.


#2 Add a Lexicon entry

Enter a new Keyphrase that is representative for a topic, e.g. "computer". Specify a Slot that is associated with a user input when the Keyphrase or its Synonyms occur in a user input. Use "issue" as an example here. Put in Synonyms for the Keyphrase like "pc", "mac" and "laptop".

#3 Add a second Lexicon entry

Add a support issue with another Keyphrase "phone". The Slot should also be also "issue". Useful Synonyms are "mobile", "iphone", "android". 



#4 Attach, activate and train your Lexicon

Navigate to your Flow, open the NLU settings and switch to "Attachments". On the right-hand side, activate your Lexicon. Then save the NLU settings and click "Train Intents".


#DONE! Now add the Lexicon to your Flow to streamline the conversation!



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