Get ready to explore the power of Conversational AI!

Let's get started with building your your first Virtual Agent (VA) with Cognigy.AI. A VA is a bot that is designed to automatically handle interactions. It's simple to create one:

#1 Start the "Create Agent" wizard

Click Create Agent on the top-left. You can create as many VAs as you like. A VA is typically designed to tackle one use case and it can handle multiple user intents.

#2 Follow the step-by-step instruction

  • Give your VA a name that's describing its job. Call it e.g. "My New Agent". You can change the name later. Select the primary language for your VA. Choosing a color helps you quickly navigate between VAs once you've set up a whole workforce.
  • Select the Blank template as a foundation for your VA. The other templates can later help you set up bots for specific use cases.
  • Confirm Webchat as an output channel for your bot. You may add other endpoints from the list later.
  • For this tutorial, skip the Skills and don't include the Smalltalk capability. 
  • Click Go to Agent to start building your first VA.


 #DONE! Now create your first conversation Flow and have it send a Message!



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