Create your first conversation Flow and make it say something

A conversation Flow describes the logic and sequence of a conversation. It defines what your Virtual Agent (VA) can do and how it handles the interaction. Learn more about Flows in the our documentation.

#1 Create a new Flow

Open the "Build" menu on the left-hand sidebar and select "Flows". Click "New Flow". Give your Flow a name. For a start, this can be a generic name like "Flow 1". Save it. You'll see the Flow editor with a Start and End Node.



#2 Add a Say Node

Click the plus-icon between Start and End Node. Here you can add Nodes that define what the VA does at this point of the conversation. Selecting a Say Node makes the bot respond something. Learn more about the Say Node in our documentation.

#3 Tell the VA what to say

Click the Say Node to edit it. Go to the Text field and enter some words like

Hello User! 

If you add another line, the VA will randomly use one of the texts. Save the Node.



#DONE! Next, let's talk to your Virtual Agent by using the Interaction Panel!




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