Let your Virtual Agent ask a question

Make your Virtual Agent collect data and use it in a conversation

Your Virtual Agent (VA) can interact with human users and collect all data it needs to make the conversation successful. Let's start by making the VA ask a simple question.

#1 Add a Question Node

Click the plus-icon after your Say Node and add a Question Node. Learn more about Question Nodes in our documentation. 

#2 Configure the Question Type and enter your question

Under "Type" you can select from prebuilt Questions variants. The Types are helpful to automatically transform user entries into well-defined datasets that can be easily processed later in the Flow. In this tutorial, simply select "Text" to allow free form entry. Add a question in the Text field, e.g.:

What's your name?



#3 Make the VA use the answer 

Now let's use the input to make the VA respond. Add a Say Node after the Question Node. In the text field, use a greeting like "Hello" followed by a space character. Now prompt the user's input using a Token: Click the AI-icon on the right of the Text field and select "Last Question Result".



#4 Try it out!

Go to the Interaction Panel and say hello to your VA. You'll be asked for your name. After answering, the VA will now greet you as expected.



#DONE! Next, let's roll out your Virtual Agent




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