Make your Virtual Agent publicly available!

Until now, your Virtual Agent (VA) only lives in Cognigy.AI. To interact with your Virtual Agent outside the Interaction Panel, let's deploy it: Adding one or more Endpoints makes it accessible to end-users on your channels of choice. Learn more about Endpoints in our documentation.

#1 Create new Endpoint

Go to "Deploy" in the sidebar and select "Endpoints". Click "New Endpoint", give it a name such as "Web" and select "Webchat" as Endpoint Type. A webchat is an easy way to embed conversational experiences in any browser-based UI. Select your Main Flow, which the Endpoint starts to execute with (here: "Flow 1"). Save it.

#2 Open your Endpoint in browser

Open your Endpoint in a browser by clicking "Open Webchat". Note that this VA is now out in the world: You can share the link to show your achievements!



#DONE! Congratulations, you just deployed your first Virtual Agent! Let's take the next journey!



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