Let your Virtual Agent listen to particular terms to improve its Intent recognition

A Lexicon enables the Virtual Agent to recognize a variety of possible expressions. Learn more about Lexicons in our documentation.

#1 Create a Lexicon

Select "Lexicons" from the Sidebar, create a new Lexicon, name it e.g. "Support Issues", and save.


#2 Add a Lexicon entry

Enter a new Keyphrase that is representative of a topic or a specific term, e.g. "computer". Specify a Slot that is associated with a user input when the Keyphrase or its Synonyms occur in user input. Use "issue" as an example here. Put in Synonyms for the Keyphrase like "pc", "mac", and "laptop".

#3 Add a second Lexicon entry

Add a support issue with another Keyphrase "phone". The Slot should also be "issue". Useful Synonyms are "mobile", "iphone", "android". 



#4 Attach, activate and train your Lexicon

Navigate to your Flow, open the NLU tab and switch to "Attached Lexicons". Attach your lexicon by switching the toggle button. Afterward, you will need to rebuild the ML-Model by clicking "Build Model".


#DONE! Now add the Lexicon to your Flow to streamline the conversation!


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  • Hi Support,

    Please add an example which involves a regex pattern too, this illustration is about matching a fixed set of words.


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