Make your Virtual Agent act based on user Intent

Let your Virtual Agent make a decision! 

You can use Intents to navigate the conversation through the Flow. Lookup Nodes are best-practice to implement routing based on Intents.

#1 Add a Lookup Node

Navigate to your "IT Service Request" Flow and add a Lookup Node between Start and End Node. Click the Lookup Node and define what it should do: Go to the Type field and select "Intent". Save the Node.

#2 Configure the Case Nodes

Configure the two Case Nodes by opening them one after another and select the previously defined Intents: "createTicket" and "resetPassword".


Note: The video depicts legacy terminology. Please use a Lookup Node.

#3 Configure a fallback

Add a Say Node under Default to prompt

Sorry, I didn't get that, please repeat

in case no intent is recognized.

#4 Add responses for recognized Intents

Create Say Nodes for the other cases and enter texts like

I can help you create a ticket


I can help you reset your password

Tip: You can speed this up by copying the Default Say Node via context menu or just hold ALT and drag & drop it.


#5 Try it out!

Test the conversation in the Interaction Panel with inputs like "submit a ticket" and "what's my pasword?". Any input is routed through best-matching case and the path is highlighted in the Flow. You can also test in the Webchat.



#DONE! Now let's use a Lexicon to understand specific terms a user uses!



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