Let your Virtual Agent ask a question

Make your Virtual Agent collect data and use it in a conversation

Your Virtual Agent (VA) can interact with human users and collect all data it needs to make the conversation successful. Let's start by making the VA ask a simple question.

#1 Add a Question Node

Click the plus-icon after your Say Node and add a Question Node. Learn more about Question Nodes in the developer documentation. 

#2 Configure the Question Type and enter your question

Under "Type" you can select from prebuilt Questions variants. The Types are helpful to automatically transform user entries into well-defined datasets that can be easily processed later in the Flow. In this tutorial, simply select "Text" to allow free form entry. Add question in the Text field e.g.

What's your first name?



#3 Make the VA use the answer 

Now let's use the input to make the VA respond. Add a Say Node after the Question Node. In the text field, use a greeting like "Hello" followed by a space character. Now prompt the user's input using a Token: Click the AI-icon in the Text field and select "Last Question Result".



#4 Try it out!

Go to the Interaction Panel and say hi to your VA. You'll be asked for your first name. After answering, the VA will now greet you as expected.



#DONE! Next, let's roll out your Virtual Agent




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