UiPath: Get Robots By Username

This article will explain how the Get Robots by Username Node can be used to get the robot ID required to start a specific job. 



After you have added your authentication node you might require the Robot ID for your process in order to launch it directly. 

Add Get Robots by Username Node to flow

In your flow below your Add Releases node click on + to open the mask to add nodes. Navigate to Extensions in the mask and then the UiPath symbol to see all Nodes associated with the UiPath extension. Choose the Get Robots by Username node from the list and it will be added to the flow. 



Figure 1: Add Get Robots by Username Node to flow


Clicking on the node will open up the edit node function where you can enter the credentials for your node. 

Finding and Adding Field Information

Fields in Node


Figure 2: Edit node fields for Start specific job Node


By clicking on + next to the field for Orchestrator Instance Information you can open up a window to enter information for your account and tenant. Ideally you already added this information when entering your authentication information in the Authentication Node. If not please refer to the support page for UiPath authentication


Finding Field Information in Start a Job Node

Username of Robot in Orchestrator is the username of the robot which should be triggered. This might not be the username you use to log into orchestrator, but rather the username for the robot currently running on the workplace the automation is running. 

Access Token is a dynamic value created by when you run the Authentication node. Simply put the Cognigy code for the field where you stored the results here. 

The Access Token can also be added via a Cognigy Tokens which was created by the extension. .


Figure 3: Completed node information with Cognigy tokens


After the saving the flow you can use the token it creates in the Start a Job Node in order to run the process of your choice. 



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