This article will explain how to add a flow which will allow you to retrieve the release information required to trigger a job from a process.  



After setting up your authentication, we must also fetch the information regarding which process you wish to start. We do this using the Get Processes node. 

Add Get Processes node to flow

In your flow below your Authentication node click on + to open the mask to add nodes. Navigate to Extensions in the mask and then the UiPath symbol to see all Nodes associated with the UiPath extension. Choose the Get Processes node from the list and it will be added to the flow. 



Figure 1: Add a Get Processes node to the flow


Finding and Adding Information

Clicking on the node will open up the edit node function where you can enter the credentials for your node. 



Figure 2: Edit node fields for Get Processes node


Ideally you should already have set up the Orchestrator Instance Information when setting up the authentication.  The template you already added should appear when you click on the arrow for the drop down menu. 


Figure 3: Window for adding account and tenant information


You can find the information in the same place you found your Client ID and User Key



Figure 4: Completed information in the Get Processes Edit Node mask


The Access Token is a dynamic value created by when you run the Authentication node. Simply put the Cognigy code for the field where you stored the results here. Alternatively you can simply chose the Cognigy Token created by the extension for the Access Token (either Input or Context depending on the the storage location). 


Figure 5: Cognigy Tokens for UiPath Extension in Context


Results Storage

After adding your entering the information to retrieve your process data you need to decide whether to save the data you will receive from UiPath in the Input or Context. This data data will be needed at a later point by other nodes (for example the Start a specific job node). 

Where to find the process information after retrieving it

If you were to run the branch of your flow with this node the information for all of your processes should show up as JSON in the context information. 


Figure 6: Releases Information in context


Depending on how many processes and folders you have set up in UiPath Orchestrator might find multiple processes. Please make a note of which process in the list is the one you wish to use. This will be relevant in the next step when you add the Start a specific job node. 

Please keep in mind that the order of your process might change if you delete or move any of your processes in UiPath. This will need to be changed in the Cognigy flow later.

Get Process By Name Node

In addition to the Get Processes Node there is also a Get Process By Name Node. This node functions exactly like the Get Processes Node but with an addition field with which you can also filter your results by the name of the process. This makes it easier to find and trigger specific processes. 



Figure 7: Add a Get Processes By Name node to the flow



Figure 8: Field to filter releases/processes by name


After setting up both the Authentication and Get Processes nodes you can either add a node to start a specific job or add a node to add a transaction to a process. 



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