Vonage: Send SMS & Verify PIN Messages

The Vonage Communications API in cooperation with the related Extension provides sending SMS and Verify Pin messages. This tutorial will explain how to connect Vonage to a Cognigy.AI virtual agent.

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Table of Contents

  1. Install the Vonage Extension
  2. Create a Vonage Connection
  3. Send SMS messages
  4. Verify a user via PIN

Install the Vonage Extension

The first step is to install the required integration. In this case, a so-called Extension is uploaded to Cognigy.AI. Thus, open the Extensions Library in another tab and download the Vonage Extension by clicking on the Download button. Now follow this installation guide and upload the Extension to Cognigy, where it will be displayed as the following:


Congrats! The installation of the Extension is finished!

Create a Vonage Connection

In this step, a so-called Connection will be created. If one, in Cognigy.AI, clicks on the previously uploaded Extension, the following details can be observed:


The red-marked part in the above figure shows, that there is a Connection required. Therefore, it needs to be created and filled with the Vonage API credentials. In order to do so, one initial Vonage Flow Node needs to be added to a Flow:

  1. Create a new Flow in Cognigy.AI
  2. Inside of the Flow Chart, click on + and navigate to the Vonage Extension:


  3. For example, add the Send SMS Flow Node by clicking on it:


  4. In order to edit the Flow Node and create the Connection, please click on it. An Edit Node menu will be opened on the right side of the screen:


  5. Right next to the Connection field (the first one at the top), one needs to click on the + button. The Connection menu will be opened at the center of the screen:

  6. Insert the related Vonage API credentials/information of the organization to the fields. One needs to sign up for the Vonage API Account. Afterward, the API Key and API Secret are visible in the user's account section.
    1. apiKey
    2. apiSecret
  7. Click on the Create button

Send SMS messages

With the help of the recently added Send SMS Flow Node, such a message can be sent to any mobile number. In order to do so, one has to define the sender (From) and receiver (To) in the edit menu -- displayed above. Last but not least, the actual text message needs to be defined in order to be displayed in the user's messenger app:


Verify a user via PIN

Next to sending normal text messages via SMS, a PIN can be sent as well. Furthermore, an entire verification process can be started and validated by using the Send Verify PIN and Check Verify PIN Flow Nodes:


In this case, the Flow could look like the following:


Send Verify PIN

This Node sends a text message via SMS including the required PIN. Similar to the Send SMS Node, some fields need to configured in the Edit Menu:


Check Verify Pin

After sending this information, a Question Node can be used in order to ask the user for the received PIN:


Finally, the provided PIN needs to be validated/checked. The Check Verify PIN Node takes the ID of the previously created Verify Request (Request ID) and the dynamic information containing the actual PIN -- e.g. the Last Question Result Token:





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