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We have added two variables to the return value from the Lambda function, to ensure we can control a behaviour (action) and add a payload(action_data) to it.

To use this data in Amazon Connect it's sufficient to send a data payload with connect_action and connect_action_data in a Say or Code Node as in the following example:


The Amazon Connect Nodes

We have a ready to use Extension that includes Nodes to transfer calls and to hang up.

Amazon Connect Setup

Log on to your Amazon Connect instance, open your contact Flow and add a Check contact attributes Node just behind the Get customer input Node we previously added.

Check for the session attribute action and add one condition for each control command you want to implement, e.g. TRANSFER, HANGUP and TRANSFER_PHONENUMBER for the nodes from the Extension.


Now you will see a new path for each condition that can be used to trigger different Amazon Connect Nodes. 


These paths could lead e.g. to the following Nodes:

TRANSFER --> Transfer to queue

HANGUP --> Disconnect

TRANSFER_PHONENUMBER --> Transfer to phone number

To dynamically route the caller to different phone numbers, it's also possible to read the action_data attribute from the session attributes in the Transfer to phone number Node


When using these values as input parameters for an Invoke AWS Lambda function Node it's possible to interact with each part of the AWS ecosystem.





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