Extensions can't be uploaded to Cognigy.AI version 3. Please visit the Custom Modules releases page if you are looking for a version 3 third-party integration.


Figure 1: Example Extensions Page

Extensions enable a virtual agent to connect to any third-party system. With the help of these customized integrations, complex processes and procedures can be natively integrated into the AI. Ultimately, the nodes provided can be added to the respective flow as usual via the menu.

   Watch Cognigy Sessions "Extensions"

Please note that Cogngiy does not provide enterprise support for developed Extensions. This repository is licensed under MIT, in which the community is responsible for the shared modules.

  1. Download an Extension of your choice from the library below
  2. Upload it to your virtual agent
  3. Done


Icon Name Description Download Version
Avaya Voice Use Avaya for voice control Download 4.1.0
AWS Use AWS Functions (S3, Lambda, Polly) Download 4.0.0
Bamboo HR Get General Employee Information Download 4.0.0
Cognigy Use Customized Nodes Download 4.1.0
Confluence Search your Confluence Download 4.0.0
DeepL Translate Text Messages Download 4.0.0
Elastic Search Search for items in Databases Download 4.0.0
Facebook Messenger Get the user's location Download 4.0.0
File Upload Upload files to AWS or Azure Download 4.0.0
Fuzzy Search Provide unspecific (fuzzy) searches Download 4.0.1
Google Firebase Store data in a Firebase Realtime Database Download 4.0.0
Google Maps Use Google Maps in your Chat Download 4.1.0
Google Sheets Use Google Spreadsheets Download 4.0.0
Google Translator Use the Google Translator Download 4.0.0
Here Get Geolocation Download 4.0.0
Hubspot Use Hubspot CRM Information Download 4.0.0
Jira Get Ticket Information Download 4.0.0
Kofax Start a RPA Robot Download 4.0.0
Language Detection Detect the language of a text Download 4.0.0
Microsoft Azure Use the Azure Cognitive Services Download 4.0.0
Microsoft Power Automate Run a Microsoft Flow Download 4.0.0
Microsoft Sharepoint Get Sharepoint List and Site information Download 4.0.0
Microsoft Graph Login and use the Graph API Download 4.2.0
Monday.com Integrate with Boards Download 4.0.0
News Get the latest news headlines Download 4.0.0
Open Weather Map Get the current weather information Download 4.0.0
ParcelLab Get package information Download 4.0.0
Random Cat Image Example Extension Download 4.0.0
Salesforce CRM Log In, maintain and search Entities in Salesforce Download 4.2.0
Salesforce Service Cloud Enable Salesforce Live Chat conversations Download 4.0.0
Service Now Integrate with Service Now Download 4.0.0
Slack Send Messages to a Slack Channel Download 4.0.0
Sunshine Conversations Performs Switchboard and Notifications tasks Download 4.0.0
Twilio Send SMS with Twilio Download 4.0.0
UIPath Orchestrator Integrate the UIPath Orchestrator Download 4.1.3
Yext Provide detailed Yext entity information Download 4.0.0
Zendesk Manage Tickets in Zendesk Download 4.0.0


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