To install an Extension, we provide two different ways:

  • Install from download
  • Install from source code


The easiest way of integrating an already published Extension to your existing Cognigy.AI agent is to download the released ready-to-use tar.gz package :

  1. Download the module you'd like to install from our Library
  2. Upload the zipped folder into your Cognigy.AI installation

Source Code

The other way is to build the module on your own. All modules in this repository are provided as TypeScript source code which can be transpiled to JavaScript. To use them in your Cognigy.AI installation, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Navigate to a module folder (e.g. extensions/hubspot), run npm install to install dependencies, and tsc to transpile the module from TypeScript to JavaScript.
  3. If the build process didn't zip the files already, zip the root of the module and the /build folder
    • tar extension-name.tar.gz build/* icon.png package.json package-lock.json
  4. Upload the zipped folder into your Cognigy.AI installation.

Upload an Extension

  1. Login to Cognigy.AI
  2. Go to Manage > Extensions.
  3. Click on Upload Extension and select your zipped folder.
  4. Cognigy uploads your Extension and notifies you as soon as it is uploaded to the agent.
  5. Go to the Flow editor.
  6. Click the + button and select the uploaded extension from the Extensions tab.

The extension will appear in your Flow.



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