2023 Q1: Cognigy.AI Tech Update

This webinar presents the latest developments of Cognigy.AI up to v4.45.

Our experts will showcase the new product capabilities and how they themselves are applying these in their own Conversational AI projects, giving you a wealth of insights and practical tips as a CAI practitioner.

3:13: Builder Experience with the new Interaction Panel

          Live Follow, voice native features, new Playbooks UI, and more

17:00: Endpoints and Integrations

          Amazon Lex and WhatsApp Endpoints, Genesys Cloud Handover Provider

32:05: Cognigy Live Agent and Insights

          Assist Bot, Supervisor Dashboard, and Engagement Heatmap

39:05: Generative AI Roundtable - Why and how it benefits CAI practitioners     

43:00: Scaling Cognigy’s Cloud - An insider’s view into Cognigy.AI platform architecture

For a full overview, check out the Cognigy.AI Release Notes.



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