CognigyScript can be used in order to add dynamic and executable content to any kind of virtual chat/voice conversation. Since there are a lot of different helpful examples, this cheat sheet provides an overview.


Script Description

Extracts the first found keyphrase for the slot with the name SLOT_NAME


Can be used inside of a Say Node in order to display a JSON object as text. Mostly, it is used for debugging purposes. The example shown on the left shows the information the virtual agent received in

Date & Time

Script Description

Returns the locale, human-readable, date information if the user sent a date. Example: July 23, 2021

{{moment(input.slots.DATE[0].start.ISODate).format("MMM Do YY")}}

Format a given date that the user provided in the last message. Read more here.


Get the hour of the current incoming message in order to greet the user appropriately.



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