In order to always be able to answer frequently asked questions, you do not need to implement countless intents in every flow. By creating a FAQ flow for each FAQ topic, adding intents with default replies, and attaching these flows via the NLU part of a flow, these questions can be answered at any point in the conversation. Default Replies are fixed answers which are given to an Intent. As soon as the intent is triggered, the default reply is returned.


To start off you need to create a flow for each FAQ topic. In this example we start with the HR questions:


In this flow, they must now insert their intents with unique example sentences. If you already use the desired intents in another flow you can upload them in this flow:



In each intent, there is a possibility to add default replies. Enter the corresponding answer for the respective question there. As in a Say Node, you have the possibility to define the Output Type and the Output channel.


In order to allow all questions to be asked at any time, you must attach this FAQ flow to the necessary flows. You can do attach the FAQ flow in the NLU part of the flow under the Attached Flows.




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