Webchat Plugins can't be used without adding them to the Webchat Endpoint.

The Cognigy Webchat is one of the most popular endpoints in conversational AI projects. For this reason, the requirements become more and more complex from time to time and the number of possible use cases is steadily increasing. in order to do justice to this, the basic functionality of the web chat can be expanded as required with the help of specially developed plugins.

Please note that Cognigy does not provide enterprise support for developed Webchat Plugins. This repository is licensed under MIT, in which the community is responsible for the shared modules.


Icon Name Description Download Version
Adaptive Cards Display Microsoft's Adaptive Card within the Webchat Download 1.0.0
Chart Display a data diagram Download 1.0.0
File Upload Upload user files to AWS or Azure Download 1.2.0
Get User Location Get the user's geolocation and send it to Cognigy.AI Download 1.0.0
Google Firebase Authentication Sign in a user via Google Firebase Download 1.0.0
Google Maps Display a Google Map Download 1.0.1
Microsoft Auth Display the Sign in with Microsoft button Download 1.0.0
Multiselect Let the user select multiple values in the input field Download 1.0.0
Progress Bar Display a progress bar Download 1.0.0
Paypal Let the user pay products with PayPal directly in the chat Download 1.0.0
Payshield Enable payments with Payshield Download 1.0.0
Push Notification Send push notifications with the Cognigy Notify API Download 1.0.0
QR Code Scanner Let the user scan QR Codes and send the result to Cognigy.AI Download 1.0.0
Rating Let the user rate the conversation Download 1.1.3
Signature Let the user sign a document in the chat Download 1.0.0
Stripe Provide online payments in the webchat Download 1.0.0
Microsoft Teams Invite a user to a Teams meeting Download 1.0.0
Zoom Invite a user to a Zoom meeting Download 1.0.0


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