There are two steps required if one wants to display a Webchat Plugin in the Webchat window:

  1. Install the Webchat Plugin
  2. Tell the Webchat to display it

For installing the plugin, please follow this guide. Finally, one can use a Say Node in order to tell the Webchat that it should display a specific Webchat Plugin with a related configuration. Therefore, a so-called DATA-ONLY Message is used, which will look similar to the following (Example: Rating Webchat Plugin):


One will find the data information, JSON format, on the GitHub page of the related Webchat Plugin:

  "_plugin": {
    "type": "rating",
    "title": "Please rate us",
    "initialRating": 2,
    "size": "medium",
    "variant": "heart", 
    "maxRatingValue": 5,
    "precision": 1, 
    "rateButtonText": "Send Rating"

Please note that the JSON shown above changes from Plugin to Plugin.

Inside the Flow, one will see a simple Say node:


In order to improve the maintenance, one should use the node's style function and rename  the label:



As soon as the Say node is executed, the Webchat will display the following (Example: Rating Webchat Plugin):





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