Within our Cognigy.AI platform you're able to connect your Cognigy resources to Amazon Alexa by using our Alexa Endpoint integration.

Login / Logout

From the Cognigy.AI UI you're able to log into your Amazon Account for an fast and easy skill deployment. You can find the Amazon account section (see Figure 1) in the Connected Account section of the My Profile page (click on the person icon in the top-right corner of the interface and select "My Profile").

loginAmazon.PNGFigure 1: Amazon Account Section

When logged in, you can deploy your Alexa endpoint directly to one of your skills by selecting a skill from the dropdown menu.

Custom Messages

You can send a custom message with Code Nodes. For further information see here.

NLU Connector


The Alexa Endpoint uses the Alexa NLU Connector. Find out more about the NLU Connectors feature in the Cognigy.AI Documentation.


When using Amazon Alexa with Cognigy, all NLU is done by Amazon. it is NOT possible to use Cognigy NLU.

Amazon only passes the intent name to the flow, not the actual user input! Therefore, any nodes that use conditions based on user input (e.g. if-nodes and rule intents are capable of doing so) will not work as intended.



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