Rate Limiting on Graph API

Since we're performing requests to the Graph API, it is possible to reach the rate limit of your app. This could mean that you cannot receive or submit your current settings. You'll receive a notification as soon as you've reached the limit.

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This page describes how to use the tools for our Facebook Messenger endpoint. The tools provide an easy to use solution for enabling typing indicators and a message delay. Instructions are also provided on how to setup whitelisted domains for allowing access to hosted content (e.g. date picker widget).

Messenger Settings

The messenger settings allow customization of the user experience in Facebook messenger.


Figure 1: Messenger Settings

The Enable typing indicators toggle will trigger typing indicators to display in the chat window prior to bot response messages being sent to the user.

A Message Delay can also be set in milliseconds to make pauses between each bot message. Both of these features create a more human-like experience for chat users.

Whitelisted Domains

🔗 In Facebook Developer

The whitelisted domains list defines third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger webview.

Page admins have access to update their domain whitelist in the Facebook Developer Page settings by doing the following:

  1. Click Settings at the top of the Page
  2. Click Advance Messaging on the left
  3. Edit whitelisted domains for your page in the Whitelisted Domains section

See the Facebook Messenger documentation for further details.

You have to whitelist the following URL to render the Cognigy date picker (see more in the Date Picker Documentation):




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