This page gives you a brief introduction about how you can connect your Cognigy resources to Amazon Lex by using our Amazon Lex Endpoint integration.


Amazon Lex is a bot building solution with integrated NLU based in the AWS platform.

Amazon Lex can be used to transcribe user input and identify slots and intents and is accessible using the AWS SDKs and tools.

There are two different API versions that can be found in the documentation. Please always refer to the documentation for the newest API, often referenced as lexv2.

Amazon Lex support was added in Cognigy.AI version 4.37.0 with its own Endpoint. You can find all setup instruction manuals here.

To connect Cognigy.AI to Amazon Lex you need to setup an Amazon Lex bot as well as a Lambda function. 

Please refer to these documents if you intend to reuse your existing Amazon Lex bots and their NLU with Cognigy.AI:

Please refer to these documents if you intend to use the Amazon Lex bot to transcribe the input and use the Cognigy.AI NLU for intent recognition and slot parsing instead:

If you intend to integrate your Amazon Lex bot in an Amazon Connect Virtual Contact Center, follow these instructions to utilize all available functionalities:



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