2024 Q2: Cognigy.AI Tech Update

This webinar presents the latest Cognigy.AI developments until v4.79.

Explore everything from native multimodal UX in Cognigy Webchat and simulating contact center ambiance to hybrid AI for unparalleled understanding and future-proof LLM support.

00:00 Intro

01:55 Webchat V3 Updates

                Speech Input, xApps Overlay, and Interactive Features

06:16 Voice Experiences

               Atmosphere Sounds, Silence Overlay, and On-prem Speech Service Support

10:30 Agent Augmentation Features

               Live Agent: Custom Notification Sound and Improved Inbox Management

               Agent Copilot: UI Preferences for Plug-and-Play Widgets, Streamlined Copilot Setup

14:08 Knowledge AI Improvements

               Usage Tracking and Advanced Parser

21:47 NLU and GenAI Updates

               External Embedding Models, LLM-based Intent Reranking and NLU Scoring API

               Future-proof LLM Support

35:25 Bonus Update

               Prebuilt xApps Samples

36:49 Outro

For a full overview, check out Cognigy.AI Release Notes.



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