2023 Q3: Cognigy.AI Tech Update

This webinar presents the latest Cognigy.AI developments up to v4.59.

Join us for a hands-on session on designing multimodal customer journeys with Cognigy xApps and creating a dynamic Agent Assist Workspace to empower your customer service team. Plus, you'll learn about the latest Generative AI updates and more.

01:50 Generative AI Roundup

LLM Resource, AI-generated Adaptive Cards, and Knowledge AI

05:58 Cognigy xApps Builder Experience

Motivation, demo, and step-by-step tutorial

24:25 Agent Assist Deep-Dive

Configuring and designing a dynamic Agent Assist Workspace

46:24 Live Agent Enhancements

Inactivity handling and intelligent routing

52:06 Bonus Updates

Text Cleaner and Pattern-based Question Types

For a full overview, check out Cognigy.AI Release Notes.



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