Multi-filter Odata Queries


We need to be able to filter the OData with a few different parameters. 


To use multiple filters to filter OData feed, use the ‘and’ operator to combine your filters: 


For example: 

Applying a ‘startedAt 2021-07-01' filter and then a ‘projectID’ filter for 5a91d194fde28b0011ce2422. 

Don't forget to add a valid API key at the end of the query, instead of the placeholder in the example query below 


Query with ‘and’:$filter=startedAt gt 2021-12-01 and projectId eq '5a91d194fde28b0011ce2422'&apikey=YOURAPIKEY 

Query with multiple filters applied as parameters:$filter=startedAt gt 2021-07-01&filter=projectId eq '5a91d194fde28b0011ce2422'&apikey=YOURAPIKEY 



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