Exchanging data with Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)


You want to read data from a SQL Server database table or write data to a SQL Server database table.


Create a Database Connection

In order to use the database inside Cognigy.AI, a Connection needs to be created. In this case, the following values are required:

  • host
    • The database server, such as sqlserver.database.windows.net
  • port
    • The database port, such as 1433 for secured connections
  • username
    • The database username
  • password
    • The password of the user
  • database
    • The name of the database, such as Products or MyDatabase

The above-listed values can be extracted from a database instance, for example in Microsoft Azure. Please read the following documentation in order to set up a Microsoft database:

Use SQL Flow Nodes

One can query MSSQL using Cognigy.AI's inbuilt SQL nodes: https://docs.cognigy.com/docs/sql-node





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