Increasing the Number of Snapshots Limit


I am not able to create more Snapshots, but I do not want to delete the current Snapshots. 


The default limit of Snapshots that can be stored at once is 10. However, this can be changed by adding the following environment variable to the config-map of your environment, if you are on an on-premise environment: 

After adding this variable you must restart service-resources. 
The Snapshots are stored in a database, therefore having more Snapshots will require more disk space on the database server. A single Snapshot can be as large as several hundred MBs, depending on the size of the NLU models and other components. The main reason we have set a Snapshot limit is to prevent uploading an unlimited number of Snapshots on our shared environments, to best maintain our data storage. 
No issues should arise if you increase the limit to 20, for example, as long as you have plenty of disk space for your database server. 



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