Context Size Configuration


We've got a Context that is overflowing because it has reached its maximum size. 

Does Cognigy configuration support an option to change the Context maximum size? 


For on-premise installations there is a need to add/adjust the following environment variable in your environment config-map: 


And set it to the number of bytes for maximum Context needed.  

NOTE: After making the changes to the variable, you will need to restart service-ai. 
Cognigy does not recommend increasing the Context to more than is needed for your project. If too much space is being used in the Context, then it might be better to look into handling the use-case differently - e.g. adding extra filtering or handling it outside of Cognigy. 
If you are using a Cognigy managed system, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support for adjusting the environment variables. 
Note that we do not do special configurations for the Trial environment. 



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