Logs and the EU GDPR Regulations

Q: When a Contact Profile is deactivated, there is an option to delete conversations. If this option is checked, then the conversations are deleted from the Profile and from OData. Are conversations also deleted from logs? 

A: When a user deletes a conversation or a Contact Profile, the logs are not removed. 
By default, data is only retained in logs for 24 hours. 
NOTE: Private SaaS and on-premise environments can be configured differently. 

Q: What happens to logs after a Contact Profile is deleted? How long is the data stored in logs? Why do we track the user’s IP address in the input object? 

A: The Input object is a temporary object, that will not be persisted anywhere. We do, however,  store the IP in our Analytics data. If you turn on "Mask Analytics" in the Blind Mode Node or in the Endpoint, then the IP will be masked in the Analytics data. 

Q: Is there a way to see the changes in Virtual Agent from a specific date? Like Audit logs? 

A: We currently track an Audit log for all requests that change data, i.e. a request to create/update/delete a Node will be tracked, but a request to load a Flow will not be tracked. 
We do not yet show this information in the product UI, but we have an API you can use to fetch the Audit logs: https://api-trial.cognigy.ai/openapi#get-/v2.0/auditevents 
The Audit Logs are stored by default for 30 days, but this can be configured for on-premise environments. 



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