View Google Drive Recource Links in Cognigy


When I copy a link to an image or video from my Google Drive, the resource does not show up in my Cognigy Agent “Say” Nodes as expected. 


The Google Drive link should be transformed to be viewed by Galleries, Image or video Output types in the “Say” Node. 
However, first, it is very important that you set up the Google Drive Image settings correctly. 

1. On your image, right-click and choose "Share". 
2. Click on the little cog for Settings: 
3. Make sure that “Editors can change permissions and share” is checked. 
4. Uncheck "Viewers and commenters can see the option to download, print, and copy”. 



5. Click on the "Back" button. 
6. Choose "Anyone on the internet with this link can view". 
7. Copy the link, and modify it to  the following link format and use it in the "Say" node as normal:{your image/video ID here} 



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