Cognigy Transcripts, OData and Analytics Capabilities


There is a need to collect transcripts of the bot conversations, as well as some analytics about the company’s bot. 


Cognigy does support Transcriptions and has OData capabilities, as well as offers Insights, our product that provides extensive information about your agents/bots and their usage. 

Contact Profiles 

In the main Navigation under Manage > Contact Profiles for every User unique that has talked to your bot the transcriptions of conversations are available directly within the UI. More information on Contact profiles here:  

OData Endpoint 

OData feed documentation:  
Video information on how to make calls to the OData Endpoint: 

Cognigy Insights 

Cognigy Insights offers analytics of your bots' usage, daily/monthly numbers of users, Conversations, Intents triggered, capabilities of Flow step and Transcript exploration and more.  



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