Skipping Parts of the Flow in the Secondary Locale without a Fallback


There is a need to skip parts of the Flow that are not relevant for a specific Locale, and not have a primary Locale fallback for the part skipped in the Flow. 

An example situation would be: In one country you need to collect extra information about the user. In a different country, this is not required, therefore you would like to skip that part of the flow in that specific Locale.  



 There are multiple ways to do this. 


1. Localize Question Nodes and configure them in a way that they will always be skipped within the Question Node settings: 



Add Question Node 


Switch Locale, add localization to the node and toggle "Skip if Answer in Input" in the Question Node settings 


This way, the question will be skipped because it will be marked as answered before the Node is reached. 

2. Localize and Disable/Enable Intents 


In the NLU tab, localize Intents and disable the ones you do not want to be triggered in your specific Locale.  

The Intent models are always Locale specific. You can disable/enable both parent and child Intents in Localizations just like any other Intents. With this method, you do not need to adjust the Flows. 


3. Use localized Logic Nodes to control Flow parts for different Locales: 


Set up your question and then control the Flow with an If node for different Locales.  


4. Use intent lookup based on localeId 



Setup a Lookup Node with CognigyScript to look for localeId, then localize Nodes for your specific Locales. 


The analytics step will be recorded, even for skipped questions.



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