Embedding a Video or Image via Iframe


Embedding a video or an image with Iframe.


Here is an example of how to embed a video stored on your Youtube. The same technique will work for videos on CloudAdmiral and similar platforms.  
In a “Say” node select "Text" as input type and add the following HTML embed code to the "Text" field: 

<iframe width="560" height="250" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/D18JNjUPvN4"></iframe> 



Interaction Panel view of Iframe embedding 

 Feel free to adjust the width and the height values of your video to fit your needs. 
When you talk to your bot in the Interaction Panel, the video will not show up. This is because of security reasons - The Interaction Panel does not run any code, however, if you test on the Webchat Endpoint, it will work as intended. 



Webchat Endpoint view of Iframe embedding 


Important TIP!  

Make sure you set all required permissions for your video/image on your chosen Cloud platform to allow your video to be previewed by a link. 




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