Usage of Cookies in Cognigy's Webchat

This article provides comprehensive answers to all questions related to Cognigy.AI's usage of cookies in the Webchat.

Do you use Cookies in the Webchat?

It depends on the way the Webchat connects to the Webchat Endpoint. There are two variants: using HTTP Polling and using a Websocket.

Does Webchat use Cookies when connecting via Websocket?

No, it does not use Cookies when using WebSockets.

Does the Webchat use Cookies when connecting via HTTP Polling?

Yes, it will get an "IO" cookie when using HTTP Polling.

Am I using HTTP Polling or Websockets?

By default, the Webchat will initiate with HTTP Polling and then immediately try to upgrade to a Websocket, meaning "both". You can override this behavior using the "forceWebsockets" and "disableWebsockets" options as described in the Webchat Documentation. Because most modern browsers don't even allow third-party cookies without further configuration, we override the "forceWebsockets" option to "true" for those browsers.

What is the "IO" cookie used for?

The IO cookie is used as a compatibility layer to ensure that every message you send is forwarded to and processed by the same endpoint service in our backend.

Is the "IO" cookie used for user tracking?

No, the "IO" cookie will not be stored in your browser because it does not have an expiry date set. After you reload your page, you will get a new "IO" cookie.

Is the "_752f8" cookie mandatory? 

This cookie is mandatory. The "_752f8" cookie is used across various domains, including Cognigy Webchat, Cognigy UI, and API subdomains. It directs user messages to the appropriate backend service instance. In your website's Cookie Policy, you can describe its purpose as follows: Preserves visitor sessions for AI-driven customer support.
The cookie expires after each session and has a type HTTP Cookie.

How can I make sure I only use Websockets?

You can do that by configuring your Webchat Embedding with the "forceWebsockets" option set to "true". To learn more about this, follow our Webchat Documentation.

How can I make sure I do not use Cookies?

You have to configure the Webchat to only use Websockets.

Why would I not use WebSockets at all times?

If your end users are connecting from a restricted network environment (for example, a Company or School network), they might get issues with WebSockets due to technically outdated firewall or proxy setups.



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