Within our Cognigy.AI platform you're able to connect your Cognigy.AI Flows to Microsoft Teams in two uniquely different methods as detailed below:

  • Option 1: A classic chatbot that is available via Microsoft teams direct chat
  • Option 2: A bot that responds to Teams Channel Mentions

Option 1: Teams (Direct Message) Chatbot

This option allows a bot to be available as a contact that MS Teams users can contact via a direct chat message and have a personal conversation. To achieve this type of deployment, please use the:


Example of a MS Teams direct chatbot

Option 2: Teams Channel Mention Bot

This option allows a bot that can be mentioned in a Microsoft teams channel posta will reply as a comment to that mention (Examples are show below). To achieve this type of deployment, please use the:

Sending a message to the bot


Card in Microsoft Teams



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