Exchanging Data with Mongo DB Server


You want to read data from or write data to a NoSQL Mongo DB database table.


Create a Database Connection

In order to use the database inside Cognigy.AI, a Connection needs to be created. In this case, the following values are required:

  • connectionString
    • A Mongo DB Connection URL also called connection string

The connection string can be created based on the database information, for example:

  • With Access Control
    • mongodb://username:password@mongodb.example.com:27017/?authSource=admin
  • Without Access Control
    • mongodb://mongodb.example.com:27017

Please read the following documentation for more information:

Use Mongo DB Flow Nodes

One can query Mongo DB using Cognigy.AI's inbuilt nodes: https://docs.cognigy.com/docs/mongo-db





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