Workplace by Facebook: Deploy an Endpoint


With the implementation of a Workplace by Facebook Endpoint you can easily connect your Workplace Chat Bot with Cognigy.AI.

This tutorial covers the necessary steps for creating and connecting a Workplace Endpoint. If you want to get information about assigning a Flow to the Endpoint and setting up the Data Management see Endpoints.

Two Step Preparation Process

1 Create a Workplace on Workplace
2 Create and Configure a Workplace Endpoint on Cognigy.AI

1 Create a Workplace


2 Create a Workplace Endpoint

2.1 Create a Workplace Endpoint in Cognigy.AI

First you have to create an Endpoint of the type Workplace (see Figure 2.1).


Figure 2.1: Workplace Endpoint Creation


2.2 Configure the Workplace Endpoint

In the endpoint configuration, scroll down to the Workplace Settings section (see Figure 2.2) and click the blue Install button. 


Figure 2.2: Workplace Settings


2.3 Add Cognigy to Workplace

2.3.1 Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
In the pop-up screen, make sure to refer to the Cognigy.AI Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (see Figure 2.3). 

2.3.2 (Optional) Customize
Click customize in order to change the Integration Name and Description (see Figure 2.3).

2.3.3 (Optional) Specific Groups
Select the option Specific groups in case you want to add this bot to specific group chats (see Figure 2.3). 

2.3.4 Add to Workplace
Click the Add to Workplace button in order to add the Cognigy bot to Workplace (see Figure 2.3). 



Figure 2.3: Add Cognigy.AI to Workplace


2.4 Verify the Integration in Workplace

2.4.1 Navigate to Integrations in Workplace
After the pop-up closes automatically, navigate to the Admin Panel in Workplace and click on Integrations in the left menu (see Figure 2.4).

2.4.2 Note that the bot has been added
Note that the bot has been added under the Added to Workplace > Added By Your Company section in thet Integrations panel (see Figure 2.4). 


                                                  Figure 2.4: Verify the Integration


2.5 Add the Workplace Recipient Id

2.5.1 Find your new bot
After confirming that the extension has been succesfully added, navigate to the Workplace Home screen and then scroll down to the Bots section to see your Cognigy.AI bot listed (see Figure 2.5). 



                                                              Figure 2.5: Select your Bot 


2.5.2 Retrieve the Recipient Id
Start a conversation with your bot by clicking on it. In the top bar, select and copy the Recipient Id. 

2.5.3 Enter the Recipient Id in the Endpoint Configuration
Enter this recipient Id into the Workplace Recipient Id field of your endpoint configuration and click the Save button. Your bot is now configured in Workplace and can be interacted with (see Figure 2.6). 



    Figure 2.6: Paste the Recipient Id and click Save



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