Cognigy's Agent Copilot is an AI-powered agent assist solution for enterprise contact centers. It is embeddable into any agent workspace or available as a standalone interface, offering a variety of advanced features that empower agents to provide fast and effective customer support.

These include contextual handover, real-time knowledge lookup, sentiment analysis, next best action suggestions, live transcription, and automated wrap-ups, among others.

The Agent Copilot interface adopts a fully customizable, dynamic grid layout with plug-and-play widgets that adapt to enterprise processes and requirements. In this video, we'll show you how to set up Agent Copilot and seamlessly integrate it into your contact center solution.

00:00 Introduction

01:44 Basic configuration

Grid configuration, Agent Copilot Nodes, Plug-and-Play Widgets

8:45 Deployment options

            Digital messaging and contact center voice

15:25 Integration into contact centers

            Standalone vs fully embedded into the agent workspace

21:48 AI Copilot architecture

25:00 Outro

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