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Handovers to the Zendesk Agent Workspace might not be always successful since the agent could be offline at the moment. In this case, a fallback scenario must be taken into account. This tutorial explains how to request a callback from a Zendesk Agent in order to be called back later.

Table of Contents

  1. Install the Zendesk Extension
  2. Create a Zendesk Connection

Retrieve Zendesk Talk phone lines


Before the virtual agent can actually request a callback, a correct and valid number from Zendesk Talk must be selected. If this process should be dynamic, the Get Phone Numbers Flow Node can be used. The Node's result returns a list consisting of all Zendesk Talk lines:

  "zendesk": {
    "phoneNumbers": [
        "id": 1234567,
        "country_code": "US",
        "external": false,
        "number": "+2344567890",
        "name": "+1 (234) 567-7890",
        "nickname": null,
        "display_number": "+1 (234) 567-7890",
"...": "..."

The only required value is the phone number's id which can be extracted from the result using CognigyScript:

If the result is stored in the Input:


If the result is stored in the Context:


Next to this value, a Gallery or List message could let the user select the preferred number -- e.g. different numbers for different countries. Therefore, the country_code, number, or display_number value would fit.

Request the Callback


With the preferred and valid Zendesk Talk phone number in place, the actual callback can be requested. Accordingly, the Request Callback Node must be added to the Flow and edited:


In the example from above, the Zendesk Talk phone number is extracted from the Context, based on the Get Phone Numbers Node' result. Next to this, the user's phone number is inserted with a so-called Token. The number could be collected with a question or any other data source during the previous conversation. As soon as this Node is executed, the online Zendesk Agent will see the following request inside of the Agent Workspace:





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