Since the Webchat endpoint is developed and maintained by Cognigy, it is natively integrated into the Cognigy.AI platform. Therefore, one can deploy (host) a Webchat endpoint directly from the tool.

Only for testing

The demo webchat, that will be presented in the following section is only for testing and should not be used for production deployments. If one would like to embed the Cognigy Webchat to a custom website, the Embedding Documentation can be used.

How to

There are just a few steps required in order to deploy the virtual agent with the Cognigy Webchat endpoint:

  1. Login to Cognigy.AI
  2. Navigate to Deploy -> Endpoints
  3. Click on + New Endpoint


  4. Create a new Webchat Endpoint


  5. Click on Open Webchat


Using the Demo URL

After opening the Webchat, one will see something similar to:


This webchat can now be shared with external people so that they can view it and test it. In order to to do so, one can copy the URL, while it will look such as:

  • for
  • for

Please be careful!

Since the link is static and therefore remains the same, anyone who has it can chat with the virtual agent.




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