A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended when using transformer functions.

With the help of Transformers, one can customize and manipulate the behavior of the NLU of an Endpoint.

In general, a transformer function is used for manipulating incoming or outgoing messages. With this functionality, one could, for example, translate a text or transform the Cognigy.AI message output in order to fit a specific format.  In order to share this knowledge, the following table consists of free-to-use examples.

Please note that Cognigy does not provide enterprise support for developed Transformers. This repository is licensed under MIT, in which the community is responsible for the shared code.


There are two different types of transformer functions, namely Endpoint and NLU.

Endpoint Transformers

Icon Name Description Type Download Version
Avaya Voice Channel Use the Avaya Voice Channel REST Download 1.1.2
Realtime Translation Translate messages automatically with Microsoft or Google Translate Webchat Download 1.1.0
WhatsApp Deploy a virtual agent on WhatsApp REST Download 2.0.0


NLU Transformers

Icon Name Description Download Version
Rasa Use the Rasa NLU Download 1.0.0


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