After cloning the virtual agent to the local machine, new changes made inside Cognigy.AI need to be pulled.

This is required to provide continuous versioning of the conversational AI project and builds the basis for using tools such as git.

How it works 

For this tutorial, the Main flow of the agent will be pulled from Cognigy.AI to store the newly added features to the local copy. Therefore, one needs to navigate to the virtual agent's folder in the command line -- the directory where the config.json file is located. The structure should look similar to this:

├── agent │ ├── flows │   ├── Main │   │   ├── config.json │   │   └── en-US │   │   ├── chart.json │   │   └── intents.json │   └── locales.json

Now the following command needs to be executed in order to pull the latest changes of the Main flow:

cognigy pull flow 'Main'

This will check if any changes were made and download them. Afterward, the command line should display a success message: We've successfully pulled Flow Main from Cognigy.AI - Enjoy.



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