Cognigy.AI Foundation Training

The Cognigy.AI Foundation Training will provide you the knowhow you need to successfully implement your own Conversational AI projects with Cognigy.AI. It is designed for participants with no or limited prior bot-building knowledge and gives insights into Cognigy.AI's capabilites and design best practices for Conversational AI.

The Foundation Training covers the basic concepts of Cognigy.AI, building Flows and logic with various Nodes and using the Cognigy NLU.

If you want to learn more about advanced bot building, check out our Cognigy.AI Flow Developer Training that is also available in the Help Center.

Trainer: Derek Roberti
Playtime: 120 minutes
Last update: 2021-01-13

Chapter 1: Introduction & Conceptual Overview

Get to know concepts and terms of Cognigy.AI

Chapter 2: Talking to users with Say Nodes

Learn about the Flow Editor and create rich-media messages

Chapter 3: Asking questions with Question Nodes

Collect information from users with various question types and validate the input

Chapter 4: Making decisions with If Nodes

Build logic into your Virtual Agent and guide users through processes

Chapter 5: Understanding users with Intents and Slots

Leverage the power of AI and process human input via Natural Language Understanding

Chapter 6: Creating conversations with Flows, Intents and Slots

Combine the learnings of all previous chapters into one smart & powerful Virtual Agent

Ready for some advanced bot building? Continue with our Cognigy.AI Flow Developer Training that is also available in the Help Center.



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