I want to know how can I configure the voice "tts" which you can hear coming out from webchat the endpoint

and is it available to change the language,

I have already connected my endpoint with azure TTS service but I don't know how to link a specific voice from it with specific text in a specific node in the flow 

as seen in the image below there is a message containing two languages English and Arabic How, when I activate the TTS it automatically reads the English language 

thanks very much

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  • Greeting Habib,

    You will need to add both the languages text separately.

    To add Arabic language to the bot, kindly go to Manage from the Navigation bar on the left and select Localization, 

    Click create new locale and choose Arabic.

    Once you have added Arabic, then add the text for English and Arabic separately.

    Finally start the Webchat End-point with Arabic Language and you will get the experience you want.


    Greeting Ziyad Rahman


    what I did
    1- create a localization add Arabic and English and set Arabic as the primary language

    2-set Arabic as the primary language in the web chat endpoint for the main flow

    3-inside the flow set Arabic as the primary language for my flow 

    4- separate the say node to contain only one language 


    but it doesn't work only English I can hear.


    how to embed TTS service from Microsoft in congnigy say node 



  • Hey Amr habib,

    Looking into this, I would recommended sending your request to our support team via email which is support@cognigy.com

    We will come back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you


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