I've been trying to integrate Cognigy with UiPath and I've been successful in starting a process in UiPath but I have not been able to send information back to Cognigy. I have tried the approaches listed in this article. However, the HTTP request approach fails with 404. I have built the request as below, getting the userID, sessionID and URLToken from Cognigy and placing them in the example text body from the article. The request configuration is below:


For the second approach, the one with the custom UiPath activity, every time I call the activity, I get the following error:


The configuration of the activity is as follows: 


Could you please help me figure this out?

Kind regards,




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  • Hey Andrei, 

    Could you provide a little information about the process you set up? 

    • What are the input arguments you are sending to UiPath from Cognigy? So what is in the following field?

    • If you add a variable to the URL response field what type of response are you getting from Cognigy?


    You can use log message to record that information in UiPath Orchestrator: 


    • Are you actually on the trial environment or are you using an app or on-premise environment? 


    Kind regards


  • There is also one bit of information which is important. You will not be able to test this in the interaction panel. You will need to test this either in webchat or any other websocket based channel you might be using. If you are using a Rest based channel (like Google Actions) this will also not work.  


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