How to test text-to-speech output in Cognigy Try-Out Mode

Hi all,

I am wondering if it´s possible to check the text-to-speech output directly in Cognigy when using the try-out mode (achieved by clicking the speech bubble "Chat your agent").

Indeed, I am working with an existing voicebot solution and activated "Text to Speech" in the Chat Settings, but when using the chat try-out, the Voicebot´s outputs won´t be read. In Cognigy´s online sessions about voicebots the trainers always seem to call a hotline in order to check their voicebot dialogues, but I think it would be wonderful if the voicebot´s answers could be directly listened to in Cognigy´s try-out mode. This would also be very handy if you set up a simple test flow that you do not want to connect to a real hotline.

So, do you know if I am overseeing something? In the try-out Settings, the option "Text to Speech" seems to promise to "read out messages from the system", but as mentioned it does not work on my side.


Thanks a lot and best,


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  • Hi Heiko,

    You should have 2 options to test test-to-speech in Cognigy. First of in the interaction panel under settings you can active text-to-speech. 2nd option is to Use our demo webchat endpoint as an endpoint. Here you have Demo Webchat setting where you can enable both Text-to-speech and speech-to-text. On Cognigys' trial enviroment both options work without any issues.




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