Alert user of lexicon/flow/intent changes which break the system

Dear Cognigy developers/community

I'm being trained as a content manager, and by a LONG way, the hardest thing about this is that there is absolutely no way to determine where changes must be made.

Let me explain. There are two uses we currently have for lexicons: 1. To restrict the intents (helping the NLU) (and therefore using the contents of a lexicon only in the intents settings) 2. To determine which answer to give based on different possible keywords (and therefore using the contents of a lexicon in the flow)

But... say I want to change the name of a lexicon? Or, want to use a different keyword? What then?

Now, please do not tell me this does not come up, I know I can use synonyms to add other things that keyword could mean, but my situation is that we have a partially-developed bot, and my team need to modify it to work with our use case. It is needed by us therefore to rename keywords and lexicons.

If there was some kind of script which would alert me any times I tried to use a slot/lexicon which does not exist (in either a flow or an intent setting)... or when I'm selecting based on slots, if i select a keyword that does not exist in the slot... this would massively increase the usability, because then if I did need to make such a change, this script would automatically find all the places in the bot where I use this slot/lexicon/keyword.

Without this, the entire system is pretty unwieldy. This would also be useful for intents, but to be fair those are only used in one place in the flow and therefore easier to track. This is not the case with lexicons/slot.

I hope this is something you can implement in very near future, because otherwise we are effectively having to use other software to track where we make changes, and it's a huge waste of time when this sort of thing is possible.


An even more impressive feature would be a hard-link to the lexicon, such that if I renamed a lexicon/keyphrase, it'd automatically rename it wherever I've used it. But, I realise this might be harder to program than simply an error detection system.

Kind regards

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