I have about 20 simple single turn FAQ intents. When any of them are asked, I want the response to be provided and then the flow to continue back to the point the user was at before the FAQ intent. What's the best approach to handling these?

I see in the Attached Flow docs that a modular approach is recommended. Would I create 20 simple flows for these FAQ's?

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  • Hej Greg, 


    for 20 simple FAQ intents I would recommend creating only one flow that you name "FAQs" and attach that one to the main flow. By default Cognigy will continue the main flow after recognising and executing the FAQ intents.


    You can use either the default reply of the intents or an intent lookup with say nodes or a combination of both, depending on whether you want to display rich media, multiple message bubbles or things like code nodes to be triggered.


    If you have more than 20 FAQ intents, say you have about 100, then it makes sense to cluster them in different, thematically grouped, FAQ flows.


    Hope this helped!


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