Automatically send transcript live chat conversation

This question concerns live chat conversations.

At the beginning of the conversation we would like to ask the customer if he/she would like to receive a full transcript of the conversation.
We are struggling to set this up due to the fact that we would like to ask approval to send the transcript before handing over to an agent.
Archiving the conversation (or similar action) should activate the trigger to send the transcript.

Does anyone has an example or advice?

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  • Hej Niek,

    we have solved this issue via two ways in previous projects:

    1. Log the messages in the frontend and assemble via frontend JS to assign prefixes to the messages for bot, user and human interactions. This way we implemented a script that automatically generates a .txt file to download for the user.
    2. Use the analytics API to fetch the chat history via HTTP request node and this call:$filter=sessionId eq '{{input.sessionId}}'&apikey=XXX

    With option 2 you can easily use a send email node to send it directly to the user before initiating the handover.

    Hope I could help!

  • Hi Paul, 

    Thanks for sharing the two solutions. 

    What were your experiences with the two solutions, what are the pros and cons for choosing either one? 
    Can you share the code perhaps for the first solution? 

    Would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Hej Thomas,


    The first approach was obviously much faster as there was no need for REST calls, however these days we have moved to custom extensions that fulfill the second approach alongside the formatting necessary.


    Unfortunately I can not share the code to the first solution.





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